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1965/67  Grover C. Gouker, Jr
1967/69  Robert “Buck” O’Neal
1969/71  Charles York
1971/73  Phillip “Pete” Lang
1973/75  Rodger J. Rapp
1975/77  Ray Reber
1977/79  David M. Frees, Jr.
1979/81  William H. Manuel
1981/83  Louis Petry
1983/85  Andrew U. Amway
1985/87  Joseph Sabella
1987/89  Karl R. Lengle
1989/91  Mark Bursic
1991/93  Kent Rynier
1993/95  Jim Brooks
1995/96  Bill Dietrich
1996/97  Jerry Good
1997/98  Mark Grim
1998/99  Tom Newill
5/99-12/00  Jim Fawcett
2001  Dave Burdette
2002  Joe Foley
2003  Allen Dissinger
2004  George Fields
2005  Ron Drum
2006  Ken Martin
2007/08 John Robinson
2008/09 Jackie Cornelius
2009/10 Lloyd Lingle
2010/11 Brad Cox
2011/12 Gary Duell
2012/13 Bob McDonald
2013/14 Beth Newill
2014/15 Nancy Salopek 
2015/16 Sally Traczuk
2016/17 George Fields
2017/18 George Fields
2018/19 Jean Loose 
2019/20 Bob McDonald 
2020/21 Jeff Kozak
2021/22 Amy Newton
2022/23 Katy Lemmer
2023/24 Katy Lemmer 

Senate Info
that may be useful
  • Hospitality Suite – Where all good Senators end up after they have received their Senatorship. Good food – Good drink – from sometime Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. Many times the last place to close. A place to get to know great Jaycees from many generations.
  • MAI – Mid Atlantic Institute – this is the conglomeration of Regions II and II in the U.S. JCI Senate. Each year there is a MAI meeting in the spring which rotates among the states from NY to Virginia. A good opportunity to meet other Senators. There is a great deal of talk about politics and you will see all of the candidates for offices in the US JCI Senate. Usually has a golf tournament on Saturday morning.
  • Region II – This is the geographical region that the Pennsylvania JCI Senate falls into. It is great fun to visit the other states in the region and see the differences between Senates. We are always treated well when visiting. Each year a Vice President of the U.S. JCI Senate is elected from these states to represent us. Region II consists of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and New York. Region III consists of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia